Audiogram Video Transcript:

Do you have a software product? Or software product business that isn't going exactly like you'd want it to?

Well, a big part of figuring out what works for software product businesses is doing customer research  and as it turns out customer research is really hard.

I know this myself, because I've worked with customer research and software businesses for the past five years.

In that time period, I figured out there's a lot of ways customer research goes wrong.

You can interview the wrong people. You can ask them the wrong questions.  You can misinterpret their answers and you could wind up building products people don't actually want.

It's remarkably easy to do so.

And what people don't realize is that it's a lot cheaper to spend money on really good customer research than it is to wind up not doing customer research and then build out a product using an expensive team of engineers.

The best part about this is when you have solid customer research you're guaranteeing what you do build will succeed .

That's what we do at perfecting product. We figure out the ways users interact with your product and why they become customers.

We figure out how your product fits into your customers' lives  and how competitors factor into this process. We use a combination of customer research methods to ensure you get a robust and complete customer research analysis you can use to build a product people love.

With that customer research in hand we create product strategy that's informed by the only thing that matters: what your customers say and what they do.

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